Donating time to gift new mothers

Last Modified: 12/18/2018

A little generosity can go a long way. For the second time this year, representatives of the Noble County Extension Homemakers presented brightly colored, newly-made receiving blankets and burp cloths to Parkview Noble Hospital’s Family Birthing Center.

The members of the local charity organization have donated more than 25 handmade nursing covers to the Parkview Noble Foundation for new mothers at Parkview Noble Hospital.

The Homemakers’ organize two community service projects each year. In their search for a community need, they contacted Ashley Rodenbeck, supervisor of the hospital’s Family Birthing Center.

“Our Parkview moms are always excited to receive something special. The fact that the receiving blankets and burp cloths have been lovingly made by the Homemakers will be so appreciated,” Ashley said.

Community service projects are an important focus for the Homemakers group, which has more than 50 members in Noble County. Melba Larrison, a longtime member of the group, explained that much of the material used was donated to their organization. Making nursing covers has become one of their preferred projects, with up to 15 members participating in “project meetings” to cut material, iron, sew and fold the colorful covers.

Ashley stated that about 80 percent of the babies born at the hospital each month are breastfed by their mothers. She and Heather Antal, Family Birthing Center manager, agree that mothers feel more comfortable nursing when they use the covers.

“Being able to give new mothers a nursing cover is just one more way we can encourage our mothers to breastfeed their newborns,” Heather said. Statistics show that the longer babies are breastfed, the healthier they are in their first year of life. As they grow up, they have fewer allergies and are less likely to be obese later in life.

For more information on donating to Parkview Noble Foundation,  please contact Cathy Linsenmayer at or (260) 347-8809.

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