Coverage considerations

compendium_600x400_insuranceeligibility_11_15.jpg PreviewIn addition to turkey and trimmings, for many, this time of year also means insurance renewals, plan changes and open enrollment. The details can be daunting, but our team is here to help guide you through the ABCs of Medicaid, Medicare and the ACA Marketplace.

The 3 Ms.

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Employer or individual plans.

For those choosing a family or individual plan, either through their employer or independently, the Parkview benefits team shares this list of top considerations. When reevaluating your policies, discuss and address the following five items with your HR representative or appropriate agent to obtain the best coverage for your situation. 

  1. Network: Are your doctors and preferred hospitals in the network?
  2. Cost: Deductible and Co-insurance vs. Premium.
  3. Medications: Understand pharmacy co-pays and make sure your medications are covered.
  4. Coverage: Make sure that the services you will likely to need are covered.
  5. Out of Network: What happens when you need care while outside of the region?


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