Child passenger safety

Our car seat safety series continues, as Jo Anderson, BSN, RNC-NIC, CPST-I, child passenger safety technician, Newborn ICU, Parkview Health, demonstrates the proper way to install a forward-facing car seat for a toddler.

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September 17 - 23 is Child Passenger Safety Week, and we asked Kellie Girardot, MSN, RN, Trauma Clinical Nurse Specialist, Patient Care Services, Parkview Health, about the things parents can do to protect their little ones in the car. Kellie reminds parents that the incorrect placement of seatbelts (even on older children) and chest clips can actually cause additional injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

Remember ...

  •  Lap belts should be placed low and snug across the upper thighs, not over the stomach. A lap belt incorrectly placed over the stomach can cause injuries to the internal organs of the abdomen.
  • The chest clip should be placed at armpit level over the sternum (breastbone) to avoid injury.
  • Never let your child wear a winter coat while buckled into a car seat.



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