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Catching up with Curtis (September '19)

Last Modified: 9/30/2019


This post was written by Curtis Smith, Corporate Director of Community Engagement.

There aren’t many months you can say you’ll never forget. For me, September 2019 was one of those rare occasions.

On the 8th of the month, my oldest son, Brooks, got married. That alone is monumental, but there’s more! He and his now-wife, Stacie, asked me to officiate the wedding. I was blown away and incredibly honored when they asked, and it was a moving experience when the big day finally got here. My other two sons were groomsmen and my wife sat in the first row with tears in her eyes. It was a moment in our lives that I will never forget.


I had never officiated a wedding. Even though I often speak in front of people, this was a completely new experience. It didn’t feel like being on stage or camera usually does, for obvious reasons. I did get choked up a couple of times, but I was happy with how well I held it together, given all the emotions of the day.


Incredibly, it wasn’t the only wedding I officiated this month. On the final Saturday of September, I officiated the wedding of Brien McElhatten and Krista Miller, my former co-workers at 21Alive. Once again, I was honored and humbled to be entrusted with such a special day. At that wedding, an older gentleman came up to me and said, “I’m not going to live too much longer, do you do funerals?” I told him not yet, but I never thought I’d be officiating weddings, so who knows what the future holds!

In between the two weddings, it was a very busy month at work. My teams continue to do amazing work every day to help people inside and outside the hospital walls. I also, emceed a lot of events. October promises to be another busy month of collaborating with organizations all over our community. Next month, my blog will get back to focusing on them, but I will always remember September for personal, not professional reasons.

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