Bike to Work Day (the safe way)

Happy Bike to Work Day, everyone! Cycling is environmentally friendly and beneficial to your overall well-being, and we certainly applaud anyone who chooses to pedal from place to place.

Before you gear up, we encourage you to review these helpful tips for a safe commute.

Cyclist Safety Tips

  • Always wear a properly fitted bike helmet.
  • Ride with traffic.
  • Put the cell phone away: Don’t text or talk while riding.
  • Obey traffic laws, signs and signals.
  • When riding at dusk, wear reflective clothing, and make sure your bike has reflectors and lights.
  • Use both hands on the handlebars – except to signal a turn or stop – and stay alert!
  • Never hold on to a moving vehicle.

Lisa Hollister, RN, BSN, director, Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, shares this quick guide to assessing the fit of your helmet and making the proper adjustments for a safe ride.

Video courtesy of WANE TV.

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