A testament to the power of physical therapy

After a visit to the hospital late last year, Steve Alfano learned that he had spinal stenosis and required surgery. Two days after the procedure, Steve was transferred to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Parkview Hospital Randallia, where he began physical therapy. It was there that he met Cole Devoss, a physical therapist.

Steve’s wife, Debbie, recently reached out to share how Cole inspired Steve to continue working toward his goals and served as a constant source of support for both him and the rest of the therapy team. Debbie explained that, if not for Cole’s endless reassurance and encouragement for Steve to push himself to improve, her husband never would have made it this far.

“Steve had no mobility when he came to Rehab,” Debbie said. “He couldn't stand, sit, or move his arm. He was dependent on everyone to do everything. Each day, as they prepared him to stand up, it took five people to get him on the stand to help him walk. Cole would sit on the stool in front of him with his hands on his feet, helping him take steps. Cole and the other therapists kept cheering him on. I have videos from the first time to now, and all I can do is thank God for the miracle that He gave us. His doctor gave Steve a third of a chance of even making it off the table, and now he is walking with the help of a walker.  He gets stronger every day. Steve and I just wanted to share how much Cole means to us for never giving up on Steve and always encouraging him to do better.”

Cole’s former manager*, Ann Marie Noll, wasn’t surprised when she heard about Debbie and Steve’s compliments for Cole and the entire care team.

“Cole is amazing, and I’m so proud of the difference he made for this patient,” she said. “He’s extremely dedicated to his patients, and they love him.” She added that Cole, who started with the department as a physical therapy technician as he was finishing school at Trine, recently passed his boards to complete his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

“Our Inpatient Rehabilitation patients can be here for several weeks, and our therapists are dedicated to working hard to get these patients home,” she said. “Cole has a passion for excellent care, and it is apparent to our patients.”

During his time at Randallia, Steve utilized the robotic-assisted gate trainer G-EO Evolution™, which Debbie says helped a great deal in his recovery. Although he still has a long journey to recovery, he has transitioned to outpatient therapy and is thankful for the excellent care he continues to receive.

“Everyone who has helped Steve has been wonderful,” Debbie said. “We couldn't have had better care, and Steve couldn't have done it without all of their help. They have truly touched our lives.”


*At the time of this exchange, Cole worked for Inpatient Rehab at Parkview Hospital Randallia. He recently transitioned to a role in Outpatient Rehab at Parkview Regional Medical Center.



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