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Last Modified: 10/22/2020


Finding out that you are expecting is a joyous occasion. The days and months thereafter are filled with hope, wonder and a deluge of questions of what’s to come. Thankfully, there is one service that can give parents-to-be a window into the health of their growing child: an obstetrical ultrasound. Geoffrey Gordon, MD, PPG - Maternal-Fetal Medicine, takes a moment to walk us through the importance of accurate and advanced imaging as well as the hard work that the Parkview Advanced Perinatal Care Center put in to receive the prestigious American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine accreditation.  

What is the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine?

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) is an organization made up of ultrasound professionals. Their goal is to provide the most up-to-date information and skill training to enhance the quality of care to patients.

What does the accreditation process entail?

The process of getting AIUM accredited is a journey that the entire office took part in. We began working toward this accreditation last fall, October 2019, with the goal of completing the application by June 1st, 2020. The application process involved:

  • Providing documentation of up-to-date physician and sonographer certifications and training.
  • Proof of office compliance with safety and maintenance documentation of all ultrasound machines.
  • Having a program of image quality assurance and image review in place.
  • Providing specific examples of our scans.
Why is it important to become AIUM accredited?

The Parkview Advanced Perinatal Care Center aims to provide the highest-quality prenatal care to patients who walk through our door. AIUM accreditation is our way of illustrating a commitment to standards of quality and safety in obstetrical (OB) ultrasound

Which accreditation did Parkview Advanced Perinatal Care Center receive?

We received the highest accreditation, the Standard OB with an Adjunct in Detailed Anatomic Ultrasound Examinations. This accreditation means that we not only can perform routine ultrasounds but also perform in-depth ultrasounds of the fetus, which is accomplished by collaboration between our highly skilled OB sonographers and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists.

What does this tell us about our ultrasound providers?

When a patient is receiving an obstetrical ultrasound at the Advanced Perinatal Center, they are having their images taken by highly trained sonographers whose only focus is on obstetrical care. These ultrasounds are then evaluated before the patient leaves the imaging center by an obstetrician specialized in fetal imaging known as a maternal-fetal medicine physician. Then, if any concerns are noted, they can be immediately addressed with the patient by the maternal-fetal medicine specialist.

Why do accurate and advanced ultrasounds make a difference in patient care and outcomes?

The AIUM accreditation is for both standard and advanced obstetrical imaging, which demonstrates a dedication to excellence in imaging. Expectant parents desire a thorough evaluation of their unborn child to ensure safe post-natal care. If concerns arise and are evident by way of ultrasound, the advanced perinatal care center can then coordinate a safe care plan to monitor the baby and prepare for post-natal care by specialized pediatric care physicians, which leads to improved outcomes.

Which patients can utilize obstetrical ultrasounds and in what scenarios?

Any patient who is pregnant can receive this level of care through the Advanced Perinatal Care Center. Also, any patient with a general screening ultrasound, that identifies a concern, can be referred for an obstetrical ultrasound.

The Parkview difference

At Parkview Health, we realize that quality, safety and expertise in fetal imaging are important to our patients. We are delivering the highest quality of obstetrical anatomical evaluation to our region. Parkview’s Advanced Perinatal Care Center is one of only 10 sites in Indiana and the only one in the region to receive the AIUM Standard OB with an Adjunct in Detailed Fetal Anatomic Ultrasound Examinations accreditation and provide this level of care in obstetrical imaging.

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