A new resource for pediatric cardiac patients

Last year, the Parkview Women’s and Children’s Hospital recognized a need for a pediatric cardiology program in our community. After selecting Vimal Jayswal, MD., a pediatric cardiologist trained at University Hospital, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, OH, to head the department, the physician and his team began seeing patients in November 2017.
Why pediatric cardiology?

While our Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been a recognized leader in labor and delivery for some time, the facility is now focused on pioneering a new model of services for the community. Expanding our offerings is one example of our commitment to serve the unmet needs of children and families with specific conditions by facilitating excellent treatment locally with a compassionate team of caregivers.

Parkview recognizes that children with congenital heart disease need continued, ongoing evaluation and follow-up for concerns such as a murmur, chest pain, dizziness or syncope. These concerns require prompt and timely evaluation. The Parkview Physicians Group – Pediatric Specialties, Pediatric Cardiology program makes it possible to help these families with a rapid evaluation and management without undue stress and travel burden.


The friendly staff is conveniently located at Parkview Regional Medical Center, with ample parking and a new state of art pediatric specialty clinic. We provide prompt and timely clinic visits and support and utilize modalities for non-invasive cardiovascular evaluation same day procedure if clinically needed, including:  

  • EKG
  • echocardiogram (TTE and TEE)
  • exercise stress test
  • Holter and event monitors

The team is also able to provide fetal echocardiograms for pregnancy with a suspected congenital heart disease, and support for managing high risk pregnancy by collaborating with Parkview’s maternal fetal medicine team.

In addition to the services mentioned above, the Pediatric Cardiology team facilitates comprehensive care and a multidisciplinary approach for managing of obesity, hypertension and dyslipidemia.

If your child is in need of consultation, ask your primary care provider about the PPG – Pediatric Specialties, Pediatric Cardiology office, (260) 425-5950.   

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