A conversation with our first responders, Pt. 2

There are certain attributes found in the EMS community that you won’t find anywhere else; A distinct command over adrenaline, a clarity in times of turmoil. These characteristics inspire a certain degree of awe in those outside this esteemed club. In an effort to learn more about the unparalleled camaraderie and extreme emotional nuances of these heroic teams, we invited six crew members to join us for an intimate interview at the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation.

Kende Hare, paramedic, Parkview Huntington Hospital, Brittany Bard, paramedic, EMS training coordinator, DeKalb Health EMS, Dan O’Shaughnessy, education coordinator, Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA), Alex Honigford, RN, paramedic, Parkview Samaritan, Tyler Treesh, EMS Chief, paramedic, firefighter, Huntertown Fire Department and Kat Dunkel-Carr, paramedic, Steuben County sat down with Katie Law, Digital Communications Specialist, for a special National EMS Week discussion on the challenges, rewards and collaboration that make this field so outstanding.

In this second installment, we explore the emotional toll this work can take, the unique connection the team members share, patient stories that made a lasting impression, and more.

Watch Pt. 1 here

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