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9 tips for grandparents

Last Modified: 9/09/2018

Grandparents always want the very best for their grandchildren, but because some things have changed since they were changing diapers for their own kids, it can be hard to know what that is. In honor of Grandparents Day, Sheri Waite, international certified childbirth educator, Parkview Family Birthing Centers, Parkview Health, is giving us the latest safety information grandparent caregivers need to know.

9 Safety Tips for Grandparents

Use a sleep sack. Place your grandbaby in a sleep sack rather than wrapping in a blanket. To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), pediatricians recommend the use of sleep sacks, or wearable blankets, for children under the age of 1.

Check the crib. Although it may be nostalgic to use a crib from your own children’s younger years, it’s not a safe option for your grandbaby. Don’t use a crib that allows the railing to be raised or lowered, and once your grandbaby can roll or stand, be sure to lower the mattress to the lowest setting. (To learn more about crib safety, visit this Consumer Product Safety Commission page.)

Safe sleep is the best sleep. If your grandbaby falls asleep in a swing, rock ’n play or other type of carrier, be sure to move them to a safety-approved crib or certified pack ‘n play covered by a fitted sheet. Be sure nothing else is in the crib, including blankets, stuffed animals, bumpers and toys.

Do not nap together. If you’re feeling tired while holding your sleeping grandbaby, be sure to put her in a safe crib. Then you can take your nap, too!

Move cords or curtains from your grandbaby’s reach. Be sure strings from blinds or cords from a monitor, television, etc. are not within reach of your grandbaby’s crib or play area.

Feed them the right food at the right time. Trust mom and the schedule she’s created for your grandbaby. If mom asks for him to eat at a certain time, be sure to keep him on track! It’s also important to only feed him food that he’s already tried.

Tummy time. To strengthen your grandbaby’s neck and shoulder muscles, tummy time is a great activity! Be sure to stay right next to your grandbaby and watch her closely. Never leave, and ensure she stays awake while on her tummy. Remember, back to sleep, tummy to play1.

Buckle up baby the right way. Car seat safety is incredibly important. Guidelines and recommendations are always changing, so be sure to follow the issue closely. 

Take a class. Parkview Family Birthing Centers offer free grandparents classes at select locations. All grandparents are welcome — whether you’re expecting your first grandchild or you’re a long time grandparent. In the class, grandparents can learn the latest information on swaddling and safe sleep practices, as well as car seat safety. They can also get tips to help support their own children as they step into parenthood. 


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