“Never give up”

On May 11, Jonathon Mossburg received his associate’s degree from Ivy Tech Community College, Fort Wayne, to become a Healthcare Specialist. It was an achievement some didn’t think was possible, but Jonathon believed otherwise. And that was all that mattered.

Jonathon, who has battled the effects of cerebral palsy since birth, is the first graduate of the Ivy Tech Achieve Your Degree program, a partnership between the school and community businesses such as Parkview, where the employer covers the employee’s tuition costs as long as they keep their grades at a C or higher.

Patients and guests might recognize Jonathon, who delivers trays at Parkview Regional Medical Center. His reputation for going above and beyond contributes to his popularity among the staff.

“Whether delivering a hot meal to a patient, passing a co-worker in the hall, assisting a family member with wayfinding, Jonathon is always ready to provide excellent service to all of Parkview’s guests with a great attitude and a smile,” Lydia Miller, manager, Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services, Parkview Regional Medical Center, said. “He is polite and kind and shows patients and families compassion every day.

Jonathon has had more than his share of difficulties in life, but those obstacles have never stopped him from trying to be all that he was created to be. Jonathon has quietly and steadily pursued his dreams and goals while never losing sight of those around him. He inspires me to be kind in all circumstances and never give up in the face of adversity.”

We asked Jonathon to share more about his childhood, challenges and his brilliant future.

What do you remember about challenges you faced growing up?

When I was born, I was deprived of oxygen and I spent time in the hospital. I have cerebral palsy and had seizures when I was younger. Due to my complications, the doctor told my mom and dad I may never walk or talk. I do have a mild learning disability and ever since I was little I’ve had to go to speech therapy and physical therapy.

What was school like for you?

My mom worked diligently with school teachers and counselors to help determine what would best fit me for classes. Although in 8th grade and throughout high school I was able to go into the general education classes, I was still part of special education services throughout high school.  I also had to go to Fort Wayne Center for Learning for half of the day for help with my work. My mom and dad did everything they could to help with my learning to help me succeed.   With their help and my hard work, I conquered many challenges I faced. 

What brought you to Parkview?

In December 2012, I was looking for a job change. My mom mentioned to me that I should apply at Parkview. Since I worked at a fast food restaurant, she told me to apply for a nutrition host position. I ended up having an interview and they hired me as a host at PRMC. I’ve been with Parkview for five years now.

What was your motivation to continue your education?

I enjoy being employed by a great corporation and I like the type of benefits Parkview offers to their employees. A psychologist along with other people told me they didn’t think college was for me and they were telling me I should pursue jobs that didn't require a degree. My motivation was proving to them that I could do it. In 2008, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He ended up passing away in March 2015. He was one of the few people that saw that I could go to college. That was another motivation to do it, for my dad and for myself. He was a smart guy. He got his bachelors in business administration at Ball State University and went to get his masters degree in Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University.  He was my biggest encourager. 

What would you like to do next?

The future is bright for me! I would like to find a different position at Parkview, but if I can't, I may take more classes through the Achieve Your Degree program. I was talking to the health science tutor and she was telling me I should come back and try another program at Ivy Tech called health information technology. She said she would meet with me on a weekly basis and help me with the classes. She told me not to be afraid to learn. I am also moving into my own house soon and that's a big deal and milestone in my life. 

What would you tell someone facing adversity?

If someone was going through what I did, I would say that the sky is the limit, and with hard work and believing in yourself you can do anything. Never give up.


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