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Meet Juli Johnson

Juli Johnson

Welcome to Parkview Health!

Whether you’re an experienced nurse or just beginning your career, our Parkview team is glad you’re here. You will find nursing is highly valued, integral profession that is strongly supported across our health system.

At Parkview, the calling to serve is sacred; dedication to the highest-quality care and patient safety is paramount. We’re proud that our nurses are motivated caregivers who strive to achieve the best outcomes for their patients while giving them a caring environment in which to heal.  Whether spending time with someone who needs to talk, working with discharge planners to put support resources in place, or holding the hand of a dying patient, Parkview nurses deliver care that honors each patient as an individual.

Finding solutions for patients also leads our nurses to innovate. Parkview nurses are involved in important research and have created new processes and groundbreaking products, allowing teams to provide enhanced care while addressing the needs of the patient.

Our goal is to provide excellent care to every patient every day, and world-class teamwork is central to achieving that goal. No event in our lifetime demonstrated the importance of teamwork more clearly than the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 was a year of incredible challenge and lightning-fast changes that tested all of us. Together with other clinical and non-clinical co-workers across the health system, our nurses stretched themselves to take in huge amounts of information, adapt to sweeping process changes, and cover each other’s shifts when co-workers were ill. They supported each other emotionally, upheld the families of patients who passed away under terrible circumstances, and continuously rose to challenges no one could have predicted.

As the pandemic unwinds, our challenge is to take the lessons of the past year forward: to keep sharpening our collaboration skills, focus always on safety, and expand opportunities for learning and advancement. We are continually enriching our environment for nurses by providing benefits such as tuition assistance, a residency program supporting RNs transitioning to new practice settings, and exceptional mentoring and preceptor experiences. As we pursue renewal of Magnet Recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) this year, our sights are set more firmly than ever on encouraging our dedicated nursing professionals to embrace challenge and innovation in their practice for better patient outcomes and personal fulfillment.

So many of our Parkview colleagues are gifted mentors and wonderful leaders. I have been fortunate to benefit from the experience, wisdom, and enthusiasm of many nursing leaders throughout my career. From my start as a Parkview nursing assistant years ago to my current position as chief nursing executive, Parkview Health has provided me with opportunities to grow as a co-worker, team member, administrator and nursing professional. I could not be prouder to be a Parkview nurse, and that kind of experience is what I want for you, too.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence,

Juli Johnson, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Executive, Parkview Health