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What to expect from an outpatient joint replacement

Last Modified: April 21, 2022

Family Medicine

As Jonathan Lynch, MD, orthopedic surgeon, JointONE, Ortho Hospital, explains, most patients with generally good health and support at home make great candidates for outpatient joint replacement. Where historically patients would spend some of their recovery time in the hospital setting, experts are finding that the safety for those recovering in the hospital is just as high as those spending that time in the comfort of their own home. The key is really getting patients moving faster to aid in quicker recovery.

The Ortho Hospital staff does a tremendous job of educating patients and their caregivers on the front end to make sure they know what to expect and have the support they need to go home potentially on the same day of their surgery. They make sure they have the right equipment at home and are prepared to mobilize in a safe way.

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