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Weighing in on the best diet

Last Modified: May 16, 2024

Family Medicine


Ryan Singerman, DO, PPG - Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery, takes us through the findings on the best approach to eating for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

We have so much information available at our fingertips regarding food and weight loss, which can be confusing. Everyone claims their approach to dieting is the best to adhere to.

When you look at randomized controlled studies done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the American Obesity Foundation and others, where they assign different diet types to participants to determine which diet is the best, we see a surprising answer. There isn’t a best one.

Regarding weight loss, it's crucial to understand that no one diet type is superior to another. However, there are two key factors to consider. First, your diet must be tailored to your age, sex, activity level and height, to ensure you're consuming the right number of calories.  If you’re getting more calories than your body needs, you’ll likely still struggle to lose weight.

Second, the diet must be one that you can follow indefinitely. The term “diet” often makes people think of a short period of time. But to truly find prolonged success, we need to focus on long-term lifestyle change.

Yo-yo dieting is the cycle of going on a diet, losing some weight, stopping the diet, going back on the diet, etc. This frequent change in diet can be detrimental to our health.  

The goal should be to eat consistently on a diet plan that works with your lifestyle, food and religious preferences, that gets you appropriate nutrition and gets you to the proper calorie count for your body and movement.

Unpack more weight loss myths with Dr. Singerman here.

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