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Three ways to improve your mood quickly

Last Modified: April 11, 2019

Healthy Mind

Sephora Lortie, MA, LMHC, LAC, and Glenis Sundberg, LMFT, licensed clinical therapists at Parkview Behavioral Health, often treat patients for depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Here, they share some of their tips for turning negative thoughts and feelings around and lifting the spirit. 

Mood booster No. 1 – Support

As the seasons change, the people you see on a daily basis can change as well. Friends take more vacation, coworkers adjust their schedule and family get busy. If you’re someone who battles anxiety or depression, this can mean a big change to your support system. Plan accordingly and make arrangements to reconnect with a friend or loved one from the past. Branch out and meet some new friends or get involved with a local charity. Make sure you have social support all year long. Talking to people, going for a walk with friends and volunteering are all tremendous mood boosters.

Mood booster No. 2 – Color and aromatherapy

Sephora and Glenis use aromatherapy paired with colorful objects often to engage patients. Our senses have a powerful effect on our mood. Think of your favorite color … Do you know it? Let’s say it’s yellow. Close your eyes and picture something yellow that makes you smile. Then hold a lemon. Look at it for a while, cut it and smell it. This mindfulness exercise engages so many senses and promotes joy. The pair use inhalers, with peppermint, lavender and orange to lift moods.

Mood booster No. 3 – Dance (Even if you think you can’t)

Music is always wonderful option for lifting the spirits. Turn up your favorite artist and get your blood pumping with some dancing. Even if you think you can’t dance, it doesn’t matter. Just move with the music and soon you’ll be smiling and feeling happier.

Other suggestions include journaling, changing your environment, doing a craft or taking time to learn a new skill. As you drive, notice things you’re passing and look for the beauty in them. There are so many ways to turn a bad day around!

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