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Last Modified: January 29, 2016

Generosity Heals

compendium_600x236_bigpicture_1_16.jpg PreviewWhen one first sees the striking 8-by-20-foot painting in the Emergency Department lobby at Parkview Regional Medical Center, a lot of things come to mind; The Midwest landscape, a fiery palette of autumn colors, agriculture, the diversity of our region. But it’s what you see when you step a little closer that makes this particular piece of art so unbelievably unique.

Officially titled, the Murosity® Project, the painting was a Parkview Foundation initiative aimed at recognizing the role generosity (on every level, large and small) plays in making our communities what they are today. It was also an avenue for fundraising, as individuals could sponsor a canvas, an artist or an Everyday Star.* Those individual canvases, and the inspired hands of 160 artists, make the finished product simply awe-inspiring.

“The mural is comprised of 160 one-square-foot panels, each of which depicts an ‘Everyday Star’ who has given much of themselves, their treasure or talent to enriching the lives of those who live in this region.” Larry Rowland, executive director, Parkview Hospital Foundation, said.

Look closely at Murosity® and you’ll see smiling children, hands clasped in prayer, whimsical faces, historical figures, scenes that tell tales and talents that evoke an emotional response. Each square is a story and each observer an interpreter. The sum of these efforts is as lovely as the components, but it’s the demonstration of how individuals, working toward a greater good, can, together, make a huge impact that makes this painting so profound.

 “The generosity of a large number of individuals, corporations and foundations has played a significant role in the growth of Parkview,” Larry continued. “In fact, Jesse Williams’ family donated $2,000 to build the City Hospital of Fort Wayne in the late 1800s, the establishment from which Parkview was born. The mural and the Murosity Project represent the significant and important role generosity has played in the development of our region and of the Parkview Health System.”

Want to see these beautiful canvases up close and on demand? Download the Murosity Book now through iBooks, and don’t forget to share your favorite square on Instagram, Facebook or your favorite social media platform!  

* This opportunity is still available, as well as the commemorative coffee table book and individual Murosity® canvases. Proceeds help support Parkview’s Healing Arts program. Call (260) 266-7800 to inquire.  

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