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The 2023 PFCI t-shirt

Last Modified: May 04, 2023

Cancer, Generosity Heals

Every year, the Parkview Packnett Family Cancer Institute invites a past or current patient to submit a unique design for a t-shirt. This annual program was created as a way to honor cancer patients while raising funds for the Transformative Cancer Care Fund. This year, Ric A. Trimble was chosen to share his one-of-a-kind artwork for the project. Sadly, Ric passed away on February 3, 2023, but only after seeing his vision, Floating Flowers, through to completion.

Despite Ric’s many challenges throughout his life and cancer diagnosis, he continued to hold on to hope and lean fully into his faith. That strength and determination made it easy to choose the word that would accompany his drawing: resilience.

Ric’s sister, Teresa Trimble-Holloway, wholeheartedly agreed. And while her brother was a man of few words, he was adamant about helping others and was proud to be part of this process. His ultimate inspiration for his creation was that it would be a source of comfort and support for patients and their families, even after his passing.

Though Ric is gone, Teresa and the rest of his family find solace in the idea that Ric’s legacy will live on in his artwork and that his contribution to this year’s t-shirt will help raise funds for patients navigating their own journey through cancer treatment.

Proceeds from the PFCI t-shirt sales go to the Parkview Foundations to support the Transformative Cancer Care Fund. This fund was established to assist patients with care not traditionally covered by health insurance. You can purchase your 2023 PCI shirt today at any Parkview Health gift shop or by visiting us here.

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