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Last Modified: March 01, 2019

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A Tug is a mobile robotic delivery system used to move supplies from one area of the hospital to another. You might have seen them moving down the hallway or getting on elevators. For those who enjoy a good factoid, here are some interesting statistics about our these amazing machines.

Fun Facts about the Parkview Tugs
  • At Parkview, a fleet of 13 Tugs is utilized by Supply Chain, Pharmacy and Environmental Services.
  • Parkview Tugs make 122 deliveries per day, which adds up to 45,288 per year. This increases efficiency for our Parkview coworkers.
  • Sensors help the Tugs navigate obstacles and people moving around them.
  • Tugs save coworkers an estimated 74 hours of work per day.
  • Tugs move approximately 100,000 bags of trash each year, decreasing employee risk of injury.
  • Every day, the Tugs travel 40 miles, or the equivalent of driving from Fort Wayne to Van Wert. Every month, they travel approximately 1,200 miles, or from Fort Wayne to Denver. Every year, Tugs travel roughly 15,000 miles, which is equal to making a round trip to San Francisco, three times.

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