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Spring feature update for what's new in MyChart

Last Modified: May 20, 2024

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As spring brings a fresh view of nature, Parkview MyChart also has features blooming. Let's take a look at what's new!

Link a health plan account

Did you know you can link your Parkview MyChart account with your other healthcare accounts? This feature provides a single view of your care in one convenient place! Also, you can now connect and link a health plan account to access insurance benefits, ID cards and helpful resources. Check Link My Accounts from the menu for this option.

School health report

Finding all the health information children need for school can be challenging. With MyChart, you can view and print a summary report for schools and daycares that includes:

  • Allergies
  • Current medications
  • Current immunizations
  • Health issues
  • Care team list
  • Basic demographic information

School health report

Look for School Health Summary at the bottom of the homepage, under Explore More or at the bottom of the Sharing Hub.

Watch them grow

It is exciting to watch children grow! Interactive graphs make tracking their progress easy and fun. Search Growth Charts in the MyChart menu to see trends and percentiles. Each recording shows the date when the measurement was taken and the child's age for a graph of how your little one is growing!

Growth Charts

New time range for wait times

Waiting is hard during a busy day. Wait times for Parkview Walk-In Clinics, Labs, X-ray, EKG and Emergency Departments now show as a time range to help plan around your schedule. To view these wait times, look for On My Way near the top of the MyChart menu.

Billing badges

With account status badges, you can easily see the status of your accounts. Whether it's paid, outstanding or on a payment plan, you'll always be in the know.

Billing badges

Questions about Mychart?

Visit the MyChart Help Center here for helpful answers to questions about MyChart, including resources on a variety of popular topics and feature benefits.

MyChart® is a registered trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.

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