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Sizing crutches

Last Modified: January 25, 2019

Family Medicine

In an effort to support patients, The Parkview Ortho Hospital assembled a series of helpful videos for those who require assistance from crutches.

How to size crutches

1. While standing with your arms at your sides and crutches under your arms, allow for a 2-3 finger gap between your armpit and the top of the crutch.

2. Your wrists should be even with the hand grips. Once you place your hands on the grips, your elbows should be slightly bent.

3. Crutch tips should rest 6 inches from your toes on each side. If crutches are sized but still slipping out from under your arms, secure them by squeezing them into your rip cage at top of crutches.


For more instructional videos for weight-bearing use of crutches, visit our playlist on YouTube.

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