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Safety improvements for Samaritan

Last Modified: February 06, 2019

Generosity Heals

In order to keep patient care a priority, important equipment updates need to be met. With the help and support of generous donor dollars through the Parkview Foundation, new Stryker Power Load Systems have been installed in all six Allen County EMS trucks.

These powered cots help increase patient and coworker safety by providing extra support throughout the loading and unloading process. This leads to a reduction in Parkview coworker back injuries, which can ultimately help prevent cumulative trauma injuries.

Although the cot upgrade has not yet been applied for Samaritan Flight, it is a goal. Brett Steffen, Parkview Samaritan Flight Services Manager, stated the cots for the ambulances alone took about three years for Parkview Allen County EMS to implement “Within the first 12 hours of the new cot system being installed, we have already seen great things and heard amazing feedback from coworkers about what the donor generosity is doing through the Parkview Foundation,” Brett said.

The prior system was not as effective to hold the cot in place during a situation such as an accident. The old, outdated cots also required two people – one to hold the cot while the other person manually lifted the cot into the truck.

Now, with a mechanical arm that extends out of the truck on the new lift system, and by the touch of a button, the weight of the cot and patient are completely supported by the arm as they are loaded into the Parkview EMS. This mechanical arm and easy-to-use technology allows the cot to hold patients up to 750 pounds and is now only a one-person job.

In the past with the old system, there was a greater risk of incidents due to the patient’s weight or medical equipment, such as tubes, IVs, drip and ventilator cords. The new Stryker Power Load Systems provide better patient care and well-being to increase the standard of care moving forward.

“This not only supports Samaritan operations, but also all of our specialty care transports that we do,” Brett shared. “Allen County is responsible for all of our Parkview system’s Specialty Care Transport such as Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and maternal transports. With the help of donor funds, we were able to upgrade all of the NICU isolette stretchers. Those have now been made to function with the new lift system. So, now it is impacting all of our NICU patients, newborns that we assist, and also all of our maternal transports that may be high risk OB patients. It really is having a true impact on the entire region and health care system.”

Because of your generosity, nearly 4,800 Parkview Health patients will experience better and safer care. To learn more, visit


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