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Proud to Bleed Green: Jonathon

Last Modified: September 19, 2023

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After nearly six years with Parkview Health, Jonathon George, RN, was ready to move from the traditional bedside. He joined the Virtual Care team in a registered nurse role in January 2023.

“I wanted a change,” he said. The Virtual Care position allowed him to take his, “years of experience and apply them to something new with technology.”

Rewarding career

For Jonathon, nursing is all about the positive changes and confidence he’s able to provide to, not only the individual he’s caring for, but also their loved ones. “The best part of my job is, as it has been for years, being at the bedside interacting with patients and families and helping them feel encouraged.” He finds there’s nothing better than ending an admission with confirmation that’s he’s had a positive impact for the people he’s assisting.

Parkview pride

“I like Parkview because I’m observed how they make decisions in favor of the patients and the communities,” Jonathon said. The health system’s presence in the areas they serve is a source of pride for the nurse, and just one more reason he’s dedicated to his role at Parkview.  

He encourages others interested in virtual healthcare to consider joining the team. “The Virtual Care team and Sepsis Surveillance team here are both opportunities to have a positive experience and bring your experience to the up-and-coming virtual space.”

Interested in joining the team?

We would love to speak with you about the many nursing opportunities available at Parkview Health. You can apply for one of our openings online, text “Parkview” to 97211 to speak to a recruiter.

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