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Last Modified: March 01, 2022



Parkview Health and Best Buy are making it easier to find medical and wellness products to enhance virtual health care experiences. Through a customized website on (, patients of Parkview can find a curated selection of products recommended by Parkview professionals that will help them with various health needs.

The web page includes products that are helpful for managing, tracking and monitoring health in four categories: diabetes care, heart health, general wellness, and mother and child’s health. Items such as glucose monitors, digital thermometers and fitness trackers are available at several price points and have been vetted for quality, safety and accuracy.

Additionally, any of the Bluetooth-enabled devices on the new web page are confirmed to be compatible with Parkview MyChart, the web-based application that enables communication and virtual health visits with Parkview providers. When health monitoring is ordered by a provider, patients can use the compatible devices to automatically share data via their MyChart account.

For example, a compatible blood pressure monitor could automatically upload a patient’s results over a period of time. A provider can then review the information in MyChart and adjust the care plan accordingly. This virtual monitoring option enhances the patient experience by making it easier to share their health information. 

“The care experience extends beyond the walls of our facilities, and we want to provide more options for seamless connections,” said Max Maile, vice president, virtual health, Parkview Health. “Our partnership with Best Buy will make it easier to find and purchase medical and wellness products designed to enhance your health journey. It takes the guesswork out of finding the right products, so you can spend less time researching items on your own.”

The website will be regularly updated as new products become available. Prices will also be updated to reflect any sales or special offers from Best Buy. To view the selection, visit


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