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Parkview Pals: Kerri and Hannah

Last Modified: June 06, 2024

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When we think about Parkview Health, we often think about the relationships that form between our patients and their caregivers. But within these walls, we find incredibly strong bonds between co-workers who share common demands, common challenges and common wins. There's a special connection that comes from shared experiences, and we want to celebrate the friendships (and relationships) that are flourishing within our health system. No one can pour from an empty cup, and nothing fills us up quite like a good pal.

Kerri and Hannah

In 2017, Kerri Mattern, leader of community health initiatives, Parkview Wabash, and Hannah VanHoozen, executive assistant, Parkview Wabash, crossed paths when there was an opening for an executive assistant position at Parkview Wabash Hospital. Hannah’s warmth and energy during her interview stood out to Kerri immediately, making her a natural fit for the role.

Despite working in close proximity, Kerri and Hannah's friendship truly sparked during their strolls on the Parkview Wabash walking path. They connected quickly through their shared experiences at work and motherhood, laying the foundation for a bond that has gone the distance. The value of a great friend is not easily quantified. However, for Kerri and Hannah, it can be measured in 2,000 miles of laughs, memories and the mutual support they've provided each other over the years.

Kerri and Hannah on the Parkview Wabash walking path.

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