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Nurturing healthcare skills: Parkview collaborates with Amp Lab

Last Modified: February 07, 2024

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Amp Lab

In the heart of Fort Wayne, remarkable partnerships are forming, bringing together the bright minds of local students with community partners. The Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation is a key partner for students with Amp Lab at Electric Works collaborating on ways to address local healthcare challenges. This collaboration goes beyond fostering innovation and nurtures the next generation of healthcare leaders and visionaries.

Amp Lab at Electric Works offers 11th and 12th-grade students from high schools within Fort Wayne Community Schools a chance to bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and innovative ideas to real-world problems. The Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation is proud to provide mentorship and access to state-of-the-art facilities to these students.

The fruits of idea-sharing

A true win-win, students with interests in various disciplines including engineering, medical sciences and design get to work alongside Parkview Mirro Center researchers to address real-world healthcare challenges while bringing fresh ideas and perspective.

One groundbreaking project from this collaborative effort is the development of a bladder-scanning phantom. Modern medical training relies on various methods and technologies including tissue phantoms, which are lifelike models that replicate human anatomy and physiology, to provide a realistic environment for healthcare professionals to practice their skills.

Amp Lab

The discovery of the need for this phantom came from within the Parkview health system. Nursing staff rely on portable bladder scanners and proficiency in using these devices is critical. Recognizing a need for a better way to help nurses practice using these scanners, the Parkview Nurse Professional Development team and the Parkview Mirro Center Innovation team joined forces to create a high-fidelity bladder scanning phantom for comprehensive hands-on training.

A group of 55 students formed 12 teams, participating in this eight-week challenge, focusing on research, development, and usability testing of the phantom.

Amp Lab

Julie Hackett, nursing professional development practitioner, Parkview Education Center, emphasized, "What sets this collaboration apart is its emphasis on applied learning. Working on real-world projects alongside experts enhances critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the ability to navigate the complexities of healthcare innovation."

At the end of the eight weeks, each team presented their findings. Next, the strengths from each of these groups are consolidated down into a final, usable version.  

John Lozo, healthcare simulation specialist, Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation commented, "The students bring a fresh perspective to the table with open minds, challenging conventions and pushing boundaries. Their questions serve as catalysts for breakthroughs."

Amp Lab

Through this collaboration between Parkview and Amp Lab at Electric Works, a high-fidelity bladder scanning phantom is in development. This project not only highlights the commitment to healthcare education but also showcases the power of interdisciplinary collaboration in addressing real-world healthcare challenges. Stay tuned for updates on this innovative initiative, shaping the future of healthcare training.

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