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Making a list, checking it twice

Last Modified: December 14, 2016

Generosity Heals


For many of us, part of the fun of the holidays as a child was making a list of the toys we wanted Santa to bring. We’d excitedly thumb through catalogs and store ads, carefully curating our picks. Then, on Christmas morning, we’d race down the stairs to see the tree lined with beautifully wrapped gifts, hoping they were exactly what we’d wanted. And most times it would be, and we’d immediately start playing with our new treasures. It was the best morning of the year.

Now, envision being a child who has to spend their holidays in the hospital. No stairs to run down. No sparkling tree. With your help, this scenario doesn’t have to mean disappointment. You can help these kids wake up to plenty of fun on Christmas morning with generously donated toys. What a feeling. What a memory!

The littlest patients are a big deal to us here at Parkview, regardless of how long or short their stay is. To meet our pediatric patients’ unique needs, while also providing distraction and comfort, activity bins contain toys and crafts for children to feel more at home and relaxed. However, these toys and crafts become worn out over time. That’s where the spirit of giving steps in!

Healing is child’s play.
Parkview Foundation’s Starlight Wish List program was created to help replace toys and items for pediatric patients to use. This list allows people like you to donate and purchase toys for our pediatric patients, making a big difference in the time they spend at Parkview. Toys and games on this list have been hand selected by our pediatric patients and staff. Here are just a few of their requests:

[1. Help a baby stay distracted with the “Baby Touch and Feel: Things That Go” (Baby Touch & Feel book) | 2. Give a toddler a friend to play with La Baby - Hispanic Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children | 3. Nothing beats movie night with 2008 hit movie, Bolt (Single-Disc Edition) | 4. Imagination and creativity is unleashed with Crayola; Model Magic; Modeling Clay | 5. Keep them moving with POOF Pro Gold Mini Sport Pack]

Give. Play. Heal.
Research has found that playing and staying busy with coloring, bubbles, Play-Doh, books, action figures or dolls during a hospital visit has positive benefits. For instance, anxiety is reduced in hospitalized children by simply playing and using their imagination. In addition, we know creativity is important to a young, developing mind, and with donated coloring books and coloring utensils, you can be the reason a child smiles at Parkview. Your donations generously serve as an outlet for their excess energy and aid to help with healing and the recovery process as toys distract and encourage children to get up and move around!

Help us fill our activity bins and the hearts of our pediatric patients with your generous donations so that they can feel the love and warmth of the holiday season. Keep in mind; you are also helping parents by giving them a moment to breathe while their child becomes occupied and distracted during hospitalization. All of your orders will be fulfilled by and sent directly to the Parkview Foundation to be distributed to the hospital.

Shop the full Parkview Foundation Starlight Wish List and help make a difference in your community and in a child’s life.

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