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Keeping Noble County patients on the MAP

Last Modified: June 06, 2018

Generosity Heals

Spring was brought into the Parkview Noble Hospital Emergency Room by her boyfriend, Fred, after she began to experience problems they both believed were due to Spring running out of her medication the week before. Once the emergency room staff managed to stabilize Spring, they gave her an emergency prescription voucher to cover a few days of her essential non-opioid medications. This granted her and Fred enough time to contact Parkview Noble’s Medication Assistance Program (MAP) and set up a long-term plan. 

“Although I knew she needed it, we just couldn’t afford it, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless until the emergency room staff gave me the number for MAP and told me about the program,” Fred said.

Generous and gracious contributions through the Parkview Noble Foundation partially fund MAP. This program provides vital medications at little or no cost for qualified applicants who have limited or no prescription insurance. MAP is a free service which sources affordable non-opioid medications. It also allows numerous patients to return home from the hospital with essential medication, much like Spring.

In 2017, Parkview Noble Foundation provided over $5,400 in emergency medication vouchers to 63 patients. MAP ensures that qualifying patients in the community go home with the medications they need, thanks in part to the kind support of donors through the Parkview Noble Foundation.  

“Not only did we get the medications that Spring desperately needed, the MAP program employees treated us with a lot of respect and never made us feel belittled. It means so much to both of us that this program was there,” Fred continued, struggling to conceal his emotions. “Thanks to her, this has turned into a great experience.”

For more information regarding MAP in your county, contact Amy Johnson, CMA, medication assistance specialist, at (260) 266-5393 or

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