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Isaac is 1 in 16k

Last Modified: May 24, 2024

People of Parkview


Anyone who has worked, visited or been treated in a health-care setting knows that it takes a lot of people to make these facilities run smoothly. From the well-kept grounds and buildings, to the compassionate voice on the other end of the line when you call, there are more than 16,000 individuals serving communities through their positions at Parkview.

Each role has a hand in keeping the wheels turning and providing exceptional service. Some of these positions are obvious – the nurses, techs and physicians. While others share their talents behind the scenes, like our schedulers, billing and marketing teams. It takes everyone. It is each of the 16,000 men and women, collectively, who make Parkview a place of hope and healing.

Meet Isaac

Isaac Meyer, a public safety officer at  Parkview Hospital Randalia, is fueled by his deeply rooted commitment to helping others. While finishing his sociology, criminal justice and psychology studies at Marian University, Isaac knew he wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. Eager to embark on his new professional journey, he began the meticulous post-grad job search. Despite exploring law enforcement positions in various industries, the opportunity to provide an elevated level of care interwoven into the role of public safety officer spoke to him. 

"Something that's inspired me is how we care for our visitors, co-workers and patients. I think it's unique and a different type of policing. We're working with people sometimes on their worst day, and we're able to be that barrier between bad and good. And that can be life-changing," he said. 

Isaac sees his role within the police department and public safety as integral to Parkview's broader mission, striving to make Parkview the safest health organization in Indiana and the United States. A typical day for him begins with a debriefing with his other squad members and sergeants to discuss updated policies and procedures. His other duties may involve weapons detection at hospital entrances, patrolling campuses and responding to calls such as patient assists from their car into the emergency room or helping them find the cafeteria. 

"The most rewarding part of my job is being able to help other people. Everything about Parkview has brought the community closer, and I love that about this place," he said.

Join our growing family!

Isaac expressed tremendous appreciation for his colleagues and leaders and looks forward to the numerous possibilities for professional development that lie ahead. 

"I see myself growing with Parkview in many different ways," he said. "I've recently been offered a police role and awarded that position. I will be attending the academy in the next two months." We look forward to seeing Isaac's continued success in his new position and beyond. 

Learn about the opportunities currently available at Parkview Health and connect with a recruiter today by visiting us here.

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