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Infant CPR in 60 seconds

Last Modified: September 01, 2017

Family Medicine, Safety & Prevention

infant cpr

Today marks the beginning of Baby Safety Month, a great time for caregivers to brush up on the steps they can take to keep children safe. To kick off the month, Scott Yoder, flight paramedic, flight services, Parkview Health shows us how to help a baby who is choking or unresponsive. 

Some things to remember if an infant is choking:

  • The No. 1 cause of cardiac arrest in babies is choking.

  • Make sure the child is choking and can't move air.

  • Remember 5 and 5 — Perform 5 back blows, followed by 5 chest compressions, and repeat until the object they are choking on is expelled, or the child goes completely unresponsive. If a child is unresponsive, continue to perform CPR until help arrives.

  • Back blows typically work best on infants and small toddlers. 

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