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How to apply skincare products

Last Modified: January 25, 2022

Family Medicine

Maintaining beautiful skin and adhering to a skincare routine can seem daunting. Knowing which products to use and when to use them can get confusing. Fortunately, we sat down with Valerie Klee, an aesthetician with Radiance Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics & Skincare, to get the inside scoop on proper facial cleansing methods plus the order in which you should apply skincare products for your morning and nighttime regimens.

Getting started

A proper skincare routine should happen twice a day, and, I promise, it’s easier than you think. But, to help simplify things, this is the general order I recommend to all patients:

Morning routine

  • Step 1: Cleanse your skin
  • Step 2: Exfoliate
  • Step 3: Apply a hydrator (ex: HA5 or hyaluronic acid)
  • Step 4: Apply an SPF to your face, neck and back of your hands
  • Step 5: Finish with a moisturizer

Evening routine

  • Step 1: Cleanse your skin
  • Step 2: Exfoliate
  • Step 3: Apply retinol to a clean, dry face
  • Step 4: Apply a hydrator
  • Step 5: Apply eye cream
  • Step 6: Finish with a moisturizer

Don’t forget to fan your face or wait a few seconds before applying each product within your regimen.

Helpful tips

If you only have time for one of your skincare regimens, we always recommend you not miss the evening routine. Why? Because that’s when your skin works to repair itself, and the products you’re using will be the most effective.

Also, the water temperature and whether you utilize a washcloth or your hands to wash your face don’t matter. If you’re using a proper cleanser, you shouldn’t need an abrasive washcloth to make your skin feel clean.

Lastly, there are a few products that many people tend to overuse, including retinol, exfoliants, salicylic acid and/or glycolic acid. If this happens, your skin may feel tight, dry, or irritated, which means you may be using too much of those particular products. Try giving yourself a day or two in between using those products on your skin to remedy the situation.

Final thoughts

If you’re unsure of where to start, please speak to a dermatologist, nurse practitioner, aesthetician or visit us at Radiance for a consultation to find the products that best suit you and your skincare needs.

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