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How HeartSmart is changing lives

Last Modified: May 05, 2018

Heart Health


Parkview started offering the EBT test to the public in 2004. The scan is used to identify cardiac issues before they escalate to something severe, like a heart attack. In 2010, it was renamed the HeartSmart scan. The title was catchier, but the technology and the goal remained the same: To measure plaque buildup in the arterial walls and create a care a plan. Since 2010, Parkview has administered 22,373 scans in Allen County alone. Mark O’Shaughnessy, MD, PPG – Cardiology, tells us more about the benefits.

The HeartSmart changed Cynthia’s path.
Cynthia Amber, a local attorney, was not necessarily focused on her health. That is, until she decided to revisit a scan she’d had over a decade before.

“I’d had a heart scan 15 years ago as baseline and since I’m getting older, I thought it would be a good idea to get it again,” she said. “My father died of heart disease, I just had a milestone birthday, and I wasn’t necessarily eating well or exercising. I just wanted to see where I was at.”

With a constantly changing schedule, Cynthia is certain she had to reschedule her appointment at least once, but “I had absolutely no issues. They were very accommodating,” Cynthia shared. “The whole thing was easy, noninvasive, quick and professional. It was wonderful.”

As were her results, which triggered an interesting reaction for Cynthia. “I was very pleased that in the last 15 years, there was minimal change. I felt very relieved. And then I thought, ‘Wow! If my heart can remain this healthy when I’m being unhealthy, how healthy would it be if I made some smart changes?’”

And so she did. Cynthia worked with a dietitian to modify her eating habits, including making vegetables the main star of her meals, getting the biggest portion on her plate.  She learned about the role of protein and carbohydrates and fats and started reading labels.

She also introduced physical activity, slow and steady. “I got a chair with a ball on it and I just started bouncing up and down on it at my desk,” she said. “Eventually, I started walking. Now, my husband and I are getting ready to travel to Iceland, where we plan to do some hiking. I never would have dreamed of hiking before.”

Cynthia encourages everyone to give the gift of life, to others and to themselves. “It’s amazing to see what a difference you can make for your body with the right motivation.”

Mother’s Day is May 13!
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