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Have a seat and stretch it out

Last Modified: January 16, 2018

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Have a seat and stretch it out

No matter how you work it in, adding movement to your day is essential for optimal health. Sometimes, this calls for thinking outside the box. Laura Eck, MyWell-Being coach and yoga instructor, offers a series of simple, convenient seated yoga poses that promise positive results.  

The wonderful thing about yoga is that the only requirement to practice it is to have a body. That's it. Yoga is for "every body". It can be done in a variety of forms, the most accessible at work, being chair yoga.

Chair yoga helps reduce the pains and strains on the muscles and joints as well as release tension and decrease stress. Each form of yoga is practiced using deep breathing techniques. This connects the body and mind and increases mindfulness. It is a great way to take a mental and physical break within your daily routine.

Try using these poses: 

Have a seat and stretch it out


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