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Giving comes full circle

Last Modified: December 27, 2018

Generosity Heals

The call came in that their daughter had arrived! It was a moment that changed their lives forever. A moment they knew was coming, but one they could not fathom until they held her and took her home for the first time. For the Johnsons*, it was a true milestone.

Now, 18 years later, the family decided to honor their daughter and thank Parkview for their support by donating beautifully crocheted soft hats and blankets for Parkview Regional Medical Center’s (PRMC) Pediatric, NICU and PICU patients.

Mary Johnson learned to crochet from her mother at a young age, and found it was something to pass the time while taking car trips or watching TV with her family.

“This is the first time I’ve donated in my daughter’s honor, but I typically make these little hats and items to donate through our church or locally,” Mary said. “The idea just sort of popped into my head with a vivid picture of being at the hospital when she was born and I knew I wanted to donate these in her honor to babies that were starting out where she started out.”

A number of patients have benefited from receiving these items, and Mary’s idea has grown into a source of comfort and smiles for so many. To learn more about how your generosity can heal, please visit



*The Johnsons’ first and last names have been changed to respect their privacy.


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