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Gift Guide for the troubled sleeper

Last Modified: December 11, 2018

Community, Family Medicine

Do you have a loved one on your list who tosses and turns when the lights go out? You're in luck. We've got some thoughtful ideas to promote a good night's sleep, brought to you by Srinivasan Devanathan, MD, and Aaron Roberts, MD, both of PPG — Sleep Medicine.



1. a sound machine | 2. comfy pajamas | 3. pillows | 4. a sleep mask | 5. a diffuser | 6. melatonin | 7. a soft blanket | 8. a night light | 9. a new mattress

The physicians also champion alarm clocks and night lights that utilize natural progression of light to help people go to sleep or wake up in the morning as well. There are several affordable models on the market. 

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