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Elevating your healthcare experience with new MyChart eCheck-In benefits

Last Modified: January 22, 2024

Family Medicine


Choosing a reservation time at your favorite restaurant. Checking bags at the airport. Or completing appointment paperwork online before your doctor’s appointment. Online check-in can make each of these experiences more convenient. With your phone on the go or from the comfort of home, it offers freedom and flexibility that saves you time and puts the control in your hands.

That same flexibility is also a handy option at Parkview and is now available for all your appointments! Here are a few more recent upgrades to MyChart eCheck-In.

What's new

  • Streamlined multiple check-ins: Managing several upcoming visits? The refreshed landing page now makes it easy to complete multiple check-ins simultaneously.
  • Check your tech for a smooth experience: Worried about technical hiccups? eCheck-In now prompts you to confirm that your camera and microphone are working, helping ensure a seamless video visit.
  • Visit auto pay: Opt for convenience with the optional sign-up for Visit Auto Pay during eCheck-In. Say goodbye to last-minute payment hassles.
  • Personalized visit preferences: Tailor your visit experience by choosing if you want your appointment listed in the patient directory and indicate if it's related to an accident – all within the eCheck-In process.
  • Interpreter assistance: Need an interpreter? Now, you can request one during eCheck-In, ensuring clear communication during your visit.
  • Waitlist feature: Missed out on your preferred appointment time? No worries! With MyChart, add yourself to a waitlist for advanced opportunities when other appointments become available.

When and how?

 Check-in is accessible five days before your scheduled visit. Look for the designated symbol on your Visits list in MyChart or activate check-in notifications to get an email or text in your communication preferences.

New to MyChart? Let's get started!

Let us help you learn more and share the many ways Parkview MyChart empowers your personalized health journey to achieve your unique goals.

Call our MyChart Support Team at 260-266-8700 or toll-free 1-855-853-0001, email or create an account here. It is free, available to all Parkview patients, and accessible anytime, anywhere in the United States via the web or mobile app: Apple | Android


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