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A nonsurgical solution for varicose and spider veins

Last Modified: June 14, 2021

Family Medicine


This post was written by Nicole Heller, NP, Radiance Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics & Skin Care.

Did you know an estimated 30-60% of adults suffer from either varicose or spider veins? These veins can form due to multiple causes like heredity, obesity, trauma, fluctuations in hormone levels and occupations that require constant standing or walking. The condition most commonly affects individuals over the age of 30, and pregnant women. These veins can be unsightly and even cause pain. However, despite these troublesome veins, there is a non-surgical solution called sclerotherapy that can provide some relief. Let’s take a closer look into the treatment and what it entails.

What it is

Sclerotherapy is a chemical treatment injected into spider veins, reticular veins and veins ranging in color from purple to red. This procedure helps collapse the vessel, thus improving its appearance and eliminating it from your legs.

What to expect

The chemical treatment is injected directly into the veins by a nurse practitioner. You can immediately watch the vein flash and disappear. After your treatment, your veins will return in color, but you will notice that they are a bright red. This starts the inflammatory phase and collapsing of the veins. Additionally, some patients may experience slight discomfort or minimal cramping in their legs for a couple of days after treatment. There may also be some soreness at the injection site.

Typical results

Most patients see at least 50% improvement with one treatment if not total eradication of their spider veins. However, depending on the severity, some patients may require multiple treatments to eliminate the veins completely. In most cases, patients will start to see improvement as soon as two weeks post-procedure, which will give them an idea of how their legs will look in a few months. Around the 2-month marker, patients will have a follow-up appointment with the provider to recheck and retreat the areas if needed or desired. This can be completed as a same-day procedure and scheduled as a 1-hour appointment with consultation and treatment.

Procedure risks

Risks associated with a sclerotherapy procedure can include possible hematoma or bruise at the injection site. We recommend patients wear compression or thrombo-embolic deterrent (TED) hose for the lower leg for at least two weeks following treatment to help compress and further promote collapse of these vessels. For procedures higher up on the leg, such as the thighs, we recommend compression shorts or compression yoga pants.

Final thoughts

If you have varicose veins that also need treatment for medical purposes, we work closely with David Sowden, MD, and Amber Glessner, NP, Parkview Vein Clinic, PPG – Cardiovascular Surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about skin improvements and products, schedule a consultation by calling 260-425-6960. Or, visit our website and complete the contact form to receive information on our monthly specials and learn more about our services.


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