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A mural to remember

Last Modified: March 10, 2022

People of Parkview, Heart Health

Toward the end of 2020, Jason O’Connell, RN, Parkview Heart Institute, proposed a concept for a mural to mark the milestones of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now complete, the three-panel painting demonstrates that life is beautiful, despite the struggles we have. From left to right, the message moves from despair to joy. The idea at the core of his concept – that man should be mindful of why we care about each other – came to mind for Jason when his wife was battling the virus.


We were there to document this beautiful piece as Jason worked on it in his garage, as well as the day the panels were carefully moved into and mounted in their new home. We captured the reactions of Jason’s coworkers, many of whom can be found in the painting.

The painting is on display on the first floor of the Parkview Heart Institute, for staff and visitors to enjoy. May it be a reminder of how far we ‘ve come and how strong we are together.


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