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A most precious gift

Last Modified: February 27, 2019

Generosity Heals

It was a day filled with anticipation that inevitably ended in sadness for the Scott family. Stacey and Doug were expecting their fourth child in a few months and were eagerly preparing for the baby’s arrival. During a routine check-up however, the physician had a difficult time finding the baby’s heartbeat. Stacey was sent immediately for an ultrasound, hoping the baby was just in a position that made it difficult for the medical staff to evaluate. But upon receiving the ultrasound, the Scotts’ worst fears were realized. Their daughter had died.

“Everybody at Parkview was very loving and respectful. We were allowed to stay in our exam room and mourn our devastating loss,” Stacey said. “From the techs to the doctors, everyone showed so much compassion.”

“It seemed like we were asked 1,000 times, ‘Are you ok?’,” Doug, who is a Parkview Noble ER doctor with Professional Emergency Physicians, Inc. (PEP), added. “I have worked with Parkview Health for 20 years, so we knew there were caring people on the front lines. Everyone was so kind.”

The progression of Stacey’s pregnancy required that she return to Parkview a few days later to deliver her daughter. Stacey, Doug and the baby, Arden, were able to be together as a family but only for a short time. Both Stacey and Doug agreed that if they had more time to spend with Arden, even just a few hours, it would have helped them considerably through the grieving process.

Stacey turned to her family and friends to share their story and soon was overwhelmed with support. While researching online, Stacey read about a family who experienced the same loss and was introduced to the Caring Cradle. The Caring Cradle allows a dignified means for parents and families to spend more time with a deceased baby.

“As I was trying to help myself heal, I thought what can we do to help other parents who may have to experience the same loss,” Stacey remembered. “The Caring Cradle was the answer I was looking for.”

With full support from Doug, Stacey initiated a Facebook campaign to purchase a Caring Cradle for Parkview Regional Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Family, friends and people across the United States from Ohio to California sent donations. Kristin Lauber of Shepard’s Circle also made a donation and with the Scott family’s own contribution through the Parkview Foundation, the goal of purchasing a Caring Cradle became a reality.  

“We wanted to do something more than giving money and we wanted to do something that would impact others,” Stacey concluded. The Scott family gave the gift of time, love and comfort. And they’re convinced there is no better way to honor their daughter Arden, than through this healing act of generosity.

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