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Last Modified: September 20, 2023

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Sara Schneider, clinical director, Virtual Care, Parkview Health, takes viewers inside Parkview’s   Virtual Care Center. The facility houses a team of experts committed to monitoring patients and assisting with providing care throughout health system.

The Virtual Care team currently offers:

  • Telemetry monitoring
  • Virtual nursing
  • Virtual sitting

These teams are able to monitor Parkview patients for:

  • Cardiac rhythm changes
  • Behaviors that may lead to harm
  • Illnesses that can be catastrophic

In addition, the team is focused on developing new models of care to aid bedside caregivers. Through the Virtual Care Center, a team of professionals can provide these services in the inpatient setting to the health system in its entirety.  

There are a number of goals tied to Parkview’s Virtual Care team and initiatives, including:

Improving patient safety. We want to keep our patients safe, whether that means identifying a potential fall risk or early identification of a patient developing sepsis while a patient is staying in any of our hospitals.

Enhancing patient care. Virtual Care has allowed the health system to explore innovative approaches to care delivery today and in the future. Already, the Virtual Care Center has supported growth in our ability to provide care and gather information from patients, and we only see this expanding.

New opportunities for nurses. As the nation experiences nursing shortages, it’s important for health systems to look at the future of the model of nursing as it exists and evolve to provide new and exciting opportunities for healthcare professionals. While we will always need dedicated bedside nurses, the Virtual Care Center allows us to dream about enhancing the ways we support the communities we serve.


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