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A family’s ability to BE FAST

Last Modified: May 27, 2022

Family Medicine, Diseases & Disorders

While visiting her daughter at work, area resident Janet Wollet felt her lip droop. Thankfully, recognizing the signs of a stroke, her loved ones went into action quickly. Janet was eventually transferred via Samaritan to Parkview Regional Medical Center where she received tPA treatment and a surgical intervention, called a thrombectomy.

Today, Janet is doing extremely well and has returned to most of her usual activities. She is grateful to her care team, including Shamir Haji, MD, PPG – Neurology, and her husband’s knowledge of BE FAST, the acronym used to identify signs of stroke.

Balance – Having trouble with balance or coordination
Eyes – Blurred or distorted vision

Face – Is one side drooping?
Arms – Weakness or numbness in one or both arms
Speech – Slurred or loss of speech
Time to get help – If you notice any of these symptoms, call for medical help immediately!



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