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Office of Sponsored Projects

Applying for and managing funding for programs, projects and research to support the Parkview mission and benefit the communities we serve

Parkview’s Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) obtains external funding for Parkview programs, projects and research and ensures it is utilized appropriately, adhering to all funding and compliance requirements. These sponsored project awards provide Parkview with the necessary support to advance medical research, create new programs and expand current projects intended to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve­

The OSP supports the health system and service line representatives by:

  • Applying for and securing external funding
  • Accepting and managing sponsored projects throughout the entire project life cycle

Currently, sponsored projects are supporting:

  • Mental health and substance use disorders
  • Community health and well-being and food insecurity
  • Women’s and children’s health
  • Rural communities
  • Medical research
  • And more
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To contact the Office of Sponsored Projects or if you have a grant you would like to pursue, please complete our online form.

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What is a sponsored project?

A sponsored project is a project or program that is supported by restricted external funding. Grants typically require a proposal or application before being awarded.

Parkview co-workers: additional criteria for sponsored projects are outlined in the Sponsored Projects Classification Policy.

The purpose of the Office of Sponsored Projects

OSP adheres to federal regulations and sponsor guidelines, minimizing risk and ensuring Parkview can continue to pursue funding opportunities. OSP must review grant agreements.

OSP consists of two dedicated teams: Pre-Award and Post-Award.

The Pre-Award team:

  • Researches potential sponsors for Parkview’s identified external funding needs.
  • Reviews sponsor guidelines, identifying requirements and restrictions related to each opportunity.
  • Supports application/narrative development.
  • Assists with budget preparation and related documentation, and prepares sponsor-required forms.
  • Obtains approval from service line leadership to pursue each opportunity.
  • Contacts and collaborates with partner(s) to secure necessary sub-recipient documentation, when applicable.
  • Reviews and finalizes the proposal package ensuring all submission requirements are met.
  • Submits finalized proposal documentation to the sponsor as directed in grant guidelines prior to the published deadline.

The Post-Award team:

  • Reduces administrative burden and mitigates risk.
  • Manages awards responsibly, ensuring compliance.
  • Maintains relevant grant documentation to mitigate risk, ensuring preparedness for audit review(s).
  • Distributes and tracks grant effort.
  • Prepares monthly expense reports.
  • Communicates with sponsors regarding financial aspects of the award, including expense allowability.
  • Ensures travel and mileage expenses are allocated according to travel policies.
  • Prepares cost transfer documentation forms.
  • Facilitates the grant closeout process.

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