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Choosing a program for resident training is a crucial and exciting step in your future career. Here at Parkview Health, we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the training and experience you need to start a bright, successful future as a general surgeon. Our General Surgery Residency is a six-year program that provides the outstanding clinical experience you need to thrive, with many unique opportunities including extensive robotic surgery training, in-depth research participation, advanced educational experiences and more.

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Kevin Pei, MD

Meet the Program Director

Kevin Y. Pei, MD, MHSEd, FACS

Welcome to Parkview Health’s General Surgery Residency. I am so glad you’ve taken the time to visit us.

Selecting a residency can be overwhelming. After a while, differentiating between programs becomes a monumental task — and maybe that’s a good thing. It means that all the programs you’re evaluating are meeting accreditation standards to provide you the best residency experience possible. But I believe there’s another factor to consider that can truly impact your residency: the dedication that your program and the people with whom you’ll work every day have to your individual success.

Message from Dr. Kevin Pei
Internal Medicine Curriculum

General Surgery Residency Curriculum

During our six-year program, resident physicians will receive extensive training in: preoperative evaluation in the clinic and hospital settings, intraoperative technique, postoperative and critical care management and follow-up care. The program also includes one unaccredited, fully funded year of research between years two and three. Although your training will primarily take place at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you’ll rotate across three additional facilities for a comprehensive, varied training experience to expand your knowledge and skillset.

Our Curriculum

A residency experience dedicated to your success

Our General Surgery Residency has many special features including:

  • Best practice and evidence-based education in curriculum, assessment and feedback
  • Dedicated research and innovation programs for resident physicians
  • Expert, full-time faculty with vast clinical experience who are truly dedicated to teaching
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • A diverse patient population (both socioeconomic and disease diversity)
  • A commitment to diversity

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Allie Felts, MBA

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Residency Coordinator


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