Office of Graduate Medical Education

Meet the Designated Institutional Official

Susan Steffy, MD

Thank you for your interest in residency training at Parkview Health. This is an exciting step in your academic and medical career!

At Parkview Health, we are committed to building training programs that provide excellent care to patients and equally excellent experiences for our resident physicians. 

We provide data-driven, humanistic patient care in a safe and collegial environment, always striving for best-in-the-nation outcomes. We work toward this goal through continuous improvement, professional development and fostering a culture of safety while keeping the patient in the center of all that we do. Parkview Health will train the next generation of physician leaders who see challenges as opportunities and quality medical care as an expectation. Through our unique culture-driven curriculum, we are positioned to achieve world-class residency training.

Please take the time to explore our specialty programs and discover more about living in Fort Wayne.


Susan Steffy, MD, FACP, Designated Institutional Official

Parkview Health Graduate Medical Education



The Parkview Health Office of Graduate Medical Education is dedicated to delivering the highest quality educational opportunities to provide resident physicians the ability to train and practice with Parkview Health’s finest providers. Our responsibility includes guiding and supervising resident physicians while they work toward fulfilling their professional and personal goals.


The Parkview Health Board of Directors, Parkview Health leadership and Parkview Health Office of Graduate Medical Education are committed to supporting quality graduate medical education programs and excellence in residency training and research. As the sponsoring institution, we are committed to providing adequate funding for graduate medical education to ensure support of our faculty, resident physicians, ancillary staff, facilities and educational resources to achieve this important mission. Finally, the Parkview Health Office of Graduate Medical Education will ensure that all graduate medical education programs meet or exceed the requirements promulgated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).




The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides institutional oversight to all specialty programs through policies and procedures that are approved by the Parkview Health Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).

The GMEC is tasked by the ACGME with providing institutional oversight to all specialty programs sponsored by Parkview Health. The GMEC meets at least quarterly and is chaired by the Designated Institutional Official.

Statement of commitment

This statement serves as documentation of Parkview Health’s commitment to Graduate Medical Education by providing the necessary financial support for administrative, educational and clinical resources for specialty training.

Institutional goals

Our goal is to support quality GME programs and excellence in specialty training by:

  • Guiding and supervising resident physicians
  • Facilitating personal and professional development
  • Ensuring safe and appropriate care for patients


Parkview Health is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care for every patient, every day. The Office of Graduate Medical Education recognizes its responsibility to provide a meaningful education for all resident physicians joining one of our specialty programs. The following policies represent one example of providing guidance and supervision that ensures professional and personal development to our resident physicians, while fostering the highest quality of care for patients.

Resident physician well-being

Parkview Health is committed to the health and well-being of all our resident physicians and co-workers.

Importance of resident physician wellness

Residency can be an inherently stressful time in the career of a physician, and the well-being of our resident physicians is something we take very seriously at Parkview. Declines in physician well-being are linked to lower quality patient care and patient satisfaction, increased errors and decreased health system performance. Our goal is to ensure that you are equipped with the tools and resources that enable you to be your best so you can provide the highest quality care for the patients we are privileged to serve.

Wellness Opportunities