DOT Physicals

Our approach

Parkview Occupational Health takes a team-based approach for DOT physicals. By working closely with the driver and the employer, our medical examiners are able to efficiently complete DOT exams with minimal hiccups.

Preparing for your exam

Ensuring that you are properly prepared for your DOT exam will help you get cleared quicker and keep you on the road. Our DOT Driver Preparation form can help you prepare for your exam.

Download DOT Driver Preparation form

Consider scheduling your exam three to four weeks before your current card expires. This will allow extra time for you to obtain additional information from your treating provider, if needed. On average, it takes primary care physicians and specialty offices 7-10 days to complete DOT information request form(s) on behalf of the driver.

What to expect after your exam

Certified drivers

After receiving your DOT certification:

  • Send a copy of your physical and certification card to the state that issues your CDL. Parkview Occupational Health will not provide this service for you.
  • Ensure your employer receives a copy of your certification card. Employers will not receive a copy of your full physical unless you provide consent at the time of your appointment or provide the copy yourself. You will be given two copies of your full physical.
  • Continue taking care of yourself by partnering with your primary care provider to stay on top of any issues that may arise prior to your next certification exam.
  • Follow any recommendations given by your Parkview Occupational Health medical examiner to avoid interruptions to your certification.

Drivers placed in determination pending

  • Determination pending means that the medical examiner requires additional information about your medical condition(s) in order to make a final certification decision.
  • To ensure completion of your certification, have your treating provider(s) complete the DOT Medical Information Request Form and submit any other information requested by Parkview Occupational Health. Once submitted, you may then be required to schedule an appointment to return to Parkview Occupational Health.
  • To prevent determination pending status, refer to the “Consider your medical conditions and prepare accordingly” section on page 1 of the DOT Driver Preparation Form and begin preparing three to four weeks in advance of your exam.

Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the medical examiner may allow up to 45 days from the date of the exam to allow for the driver to return the additional information needed to make a certification decision. If the required information is not returned to the medical examiner within the alloted time frame up to 45 days, the initial exam is invalidated by the FMCSA and a new exam will be required for certification.

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