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Operating during a pandemic

You and your employees have questions. We’re here with answers.

Business Connect is a resource for area employers and community partners trying to meet the challenges brought by COVID-19 while protecting their employees’ health and safety.

As the region’s largest employer, Parkview Health understands the complexity of maintaining normal business operations during a pandemic. We’re here to share best practices, valuable resources and up-to-date guidance needed to operate your business.

Parkview Health is committed to serving as a trusted source of information on COVID-19-related topics. We encourage you to share the following videos with your employees and team members who may have questions and concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines and boosters.


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Safe Business Operations

A plan for safe business operation during the COVID-19 pandemic should be routinely evaluated with these elements in mind, thinking in terms of both reducing the spread of the virus among employees and customers while maintaining business operations.

Questions businesses should consider include:

  1. Are COVID-19 health and safety mitigations in effect for the health and safety of my employees throughout the workday, including, as necessary, transport to and from my facility?
  2. Do I have a reasonable, ongoing demand for my product/service?
  3. Do I have ample quantities of materials, products and other supplies to support my operations at a reasonable level?
  4. Are there any local, state or federal mandates in place that affect my operations? 

Identify level od risk

Identify Level of Risk

The level of risk depends in part on the industry type, need for contact within 6 feet of people known to be, or suspected of being, infected with COVID-19, or requirement for repeated or extended contact with others in general. With community spread, it’s difficult to know who has been exposed to the virus and who could be a carrier. 

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As you design strategies to operate during the pandemic consider:

  • Flexibility – anticipate that the situation will be fluid
  • Sustainability – expect that the situation will be long-term
  • Collaboration – seek information from internal and external subject matter experts
  • Simplicity – don’t overlook small changes that can make an impact

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The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only in the context of declared public health emergencies related to COVID-19. Guidelines regarding COVID-19 change frequently and Parkview urges all organizations to consult with their own legal advisors and be aware of and follow all federal, state, and local guidelines as well as all guidelines, policies, and laws related to your specific industry or business sector.