Parkview Value Plus

Parkview Value Plus is a new high performing network offering, generally for companies with more than 100 employees, focused on improving healthcare outcomes while controlling costs. High performing networks are established through using cost and quality criteria to select healthcare providers from a broader provider network, while incentivizing beneficiaries to seek care from just that set of providers. By participating in the Parkview Value Plus network, patients are directed towards reasonable cost of care, while maintaining the highest level of quality care.

Participating in the Parkview Value Plus network provides you access to over 700 Parkview Physicians Group (PPG) providers and advanced practice providers in the northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio region. This is an attractive choice for payers and employers seeking cost saving opportunities through a high-performing network.

  • Quality of care is achieved through coordinating care and sharing information to ensure patient-centered care is safe, timely, effective and efficient, meeting or exceeding national quality standards.
  • Patient experiences are led by physicians who work to restructure their practices to provide excellent care for every person, every day. Beyond just the physician, patients in value-based payer plans have an entire care team helping them understand their health status, meeting patients where they are to create a personal health journey. Nurses, social workers, medication specialists, behavioral health specialists and other experts help these patients get the resources they need to improve their own health and well-being.
  • Value, in terms of reduced waste in healthcare, means eliminating medical expense waste. Examples include:
    • Duplicated or unneeded testing
    • Hospital readmissions
    • Delayed decisions or actions due to lack of information
    • Avoidable emergency department visits
    • Avoidable inpatient hospital stays 
  • Employee access to a comprehensive selection of providers to meet their needs. 

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