Meet the HSIR Team

The Health Service and Informatics Research (HSIR) team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of individuals trained in a broad variety of disciplines. This range of talent and knowledge creates a unique environment to address some of the most difficult challenges confronting healthcare.


The HSIR team also hosts student interns throughout the year who work directly with research scientists on internal and externally funded projects. Students gain hands-on experience across the life cycle of research projects, participating in everything from research design to the execution of the research to the dissemination of the findings. 

  • Chanda Phelan, University of Michigan  
  • Olivia Miles, Indiana University
  • Olivia Richards, University of Michigan
  • Sydney Rasmussen, Brigham Young University

Internal Collaborators

  • Chad Shirar, MS, MBA, Parkview Enterprise Diabetes Strategy
  • Emily Schroeder, MD, Parkview Endocrinology
  • Fen-Lei Chang, MD, Parkview Neurology/Post-COVID Clinic, IU School of Medicine
  • Jan Powers, PhD, BSN, RN, Parkview Nursing Research
  • Jay Fawver, MD, Parkview Behavioral Health Institute
  • Jonathan Shirazi, MD, Parkview Cardiology
  • Joseph McCollom, DO, Parkview Oncology
  • Kevin Pei, MD, MHSEd, FACS, Parkview Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, General Surgery Residency Program
  • Laura Oyer, PhD, HSPP, Parkview Behavioral Health Institute
  • Michelle Charles, MSN, RN-BC, Nursing Informatics
  • Scott Steinecker, MD, Parkview Infectious Diseases
  • Tina Allmandinger, BSN, RN, Parkview Arrythmia Dianostic Center