Certified-Nurse Midwife Program

At Parkview Physicians Group – OB/GYN, our certified-nurse midwives are advanced practice registered nurses who cares for women throughout many stages of life, often during their childbearing cycle. Certified-nurse midwives, like the ones at Parkview Physicians Group require the highest level of training and education. So, unlike other types of midwives, they are trained and licensed in both midwifery and nursing.

Services We Offer

Certified-nurse midwives offer support and services such as:

  • Gynecological exams
  • Family planning needs
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Prenatal care
  • Labor and delivery support
  • Newborn care up to 27 days post-delivery
  • Menopause care

Pregnancy and Delivery

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy, a certified nurse-midwife is the perfect support system. Not only does she meet the health needs of you and baby, but she also listens to your personal and emotional needs during every stage of care.

Before baby is born, your certified nurse-midwife will help monitor and maintain the health of mother and baby. She will also provide education and resources to help you achieve a healthy pregnancy, like eating right, exercising and taking prenatal vitamins.

During labor and delivery, your certified nurse-midwife will be at your side, making sure everything is progressing as it should be and helping you make important choices.

Postpartum Care and Beyond

Beginning immediately after labor and delivery, your certified nurse-midwife acts as a guide to becoming a new mother. She will help you learn more about parenting, especially as you and your new baby spend your first few weeks together. Because she has been there for you all along, your certified nurse-midwife is the perfect coach if you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding or infant care.

Even long after baby is born, a certified nurse-midwife will provide healthcare throughout a woman’s life. She can perform Pap tests and breast exams, provide birth control methods, test for sexually transmitted diseases and care for other gynecologic conditions. She’s the perfect support system throughout your health journey.


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