Parkview Select Care Provider Directories

With Parkview Select Care, you have access to over 21,000 physicians, specialists, and advanced practice providers (Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants). 

When searching for providers, please note:

Providers/professionals include individual doctors, MDs, DOs, PHDs, and other healthcare professionals such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, dieticians, audiologists, behavioral or mental health counselors.

Facilities include hospitals including general, acute care, urgent care facilities, and specialized sources of care including laboratories, hospice, home infusion, home health agencies, clinics, radiology providers, lithotripsy, ambulatory surgery centers, renal dialysis centers, skilled nursing services, durable medical equipment (like wheelchairs), and rehabilitation therapy centers (for speech, occupational or physical therapy). 

Some providers are not listed. Examples of such providers include pathologists, emergency medicine, anesthesiologists and radiologists. 

Parkview Signature Care EPO

Tier-3 Directory

Access this directory if you have the Parkview Signature Care EPO logo on your insurance card. View tier-3 directory.