2022 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 3.0

Improving access to care for underrepresented mothers and children

Parkview Health, in collaboration with MATTER, hosted the 2022 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 3.0. No matter their age, all children are babies to their mothers. This year, Healthy Mom and Baby 3.0 extended its scope into improving the lives of mothers and children through pre-teen. This look at pediatrics, with a lens of increasing equity for underrepresented mothers and children, addressed issues pertaining to access to care for preventive and chronic conditions. Specifically, we focused on improving access to care for underrepresented mothers and children.

Innovation Competition

Congratulations to NeuroBell, from the INFANT Research Centre at University College Cork in Ireland, for being named the winner of the Healthy Mom and Baby 3.0 Pitch Competition on November 10th, 2022. After presenting to an esteemed panel of judges, Neurobell was chosen to win the pilot study project with Parkview. We are thrilled to help Mark and his team bring his game-changing neonatal EEG device to the United States.

Meet the 2022 Finalists

Emma Parsley — Fort Wayne, Indiana

Emma Parsley is a 2022 Cedarville University graduate who majored in industrial and innovative design. Her passion for helping underserved mothers branches from experience fostering babies of families in need. Thousands of infants lose their lives because of latching difficulties and the resulting loss of vital breastfeeding benefits. Emma strongly believes that with the help of Parkview Health, her innovative breastfeeding device will help save these babies.

Neurobell — Ballincollig, Ireland

Neurobell is an Enterprise Ireland-funded commercialization project and team from the INFANT Research Centre at University College Cork in Ireland. Neurobell is developing a novel medical device for early detection and monitoring of seizures in newborns. Their pocket-sized and wireless EEG monitor provides bedside staff with easy-to-use EEG and automated alerts for seizures in real time.

Rockfield Medical Devices — Galway, Ireland

Rockfield Medical Devices is a developer of innovative medical devices that will transform the mobility and quality of life of the enteral (tube) feeding community. Their new mobile tube feeding system, Mobility+®, will help parents and caregivers, young children and teens live more independently by freeing them from the existing heavy and complex systems offered today. Mobility+ is an extremely light, quiet and mobile tube feeding system that does not require electricity or gravity and allows users to move about freely while feeding discreetly, dramatically improving physical and social lives for both people with feeding tubes and parents and caregivers.

Walela — Chicago, Illinois

Walela is building technology to make childbirth safer. The fetal sensor Walela has created provides objective data about the health of the baby throughout labor, so that doctors can decide when and if a C-section is necessary with complete confidence, and less liability.

2023 Timeline

Contributing partners

Parkview is proud to also be partnering with the HIMSS Indiana Chapter and the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne for this innovation competition. With our community coming together toward this common goal, the impact will be much greater than if done alone.

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